Dungeons and Occasional Dragons

Conqueror's of the Starless Sea!
A Victory Leads to New Opportunities

The survivors of the expedition to the ruined keep arrive back in the village of Allon and are celebrated as heroes, the savior of the small hamlet. Feasts are thrown and the dead are mourned, many empty seats fill the great hall. Three days after the heroes returned the solider’s sent from Bulford ride into town and collect your statements on what has occurred. Although skeptical about the giant underground sea and the chaos lord made of magma the dozens of dead beastmen scattered throughout the keep are proof enough of your deeds.

Having no real way of spending the wealth you have acquired in the humble economy of a farming village and with little incentive to return to your lives as farmers and laymen your small band has agreed to follow the solider’s back to Bulford. There you can spend your hard earned gold, hone your skills, and make a name for yourselves.

Flash Forward To One Year Later

After a year of training and carousing you have finally translated the old elven map that you found in the ruined keep. You believe it leads to the tomb of an ancient elven champion who was buried in the high hills past the borders of the county of Bulford. Having become proper adventurer’s and equipped yourself appropriately you set out to find what secrets this tomb holds.


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