Table Rules

Table Etiquette

My Table is always a safe space. Be what you want to be. Pretend to have a weird accent, celebrate your victories, mourn your losses, and have fun doing it.

Out of character shit talking of other player’s characters, ideas, or roleplaying ability will qualify you as an asshole and I will have no reservations telling you as much.

Be constructive with other players. Never belittle other players for their choices.

Arguments in-character are perfectly acceptable but don’t let it extend beyond that.

Be on time. Bring your character sheet, dice, and a snack to share. If you are going to be late let me know.

If you cannot make a session please give me 24-hours notice in advance, this will allow me to cancel session if we don’t have a quorum and will just generally make me a lot less grumpy.

Table Rules

A die that falls off of the table is not counted.

Pay attention to the battle as it unfolds, and use this time to plan the actions you will take on your turn.

Limit out-of-character chatter at the table. We all enjoy bullshitting but it can kill the illusion quickly if it gets out of hand.

Limit the use of your mobile phone at the game table.

Imagination will always trump rules, Creativity will always trump dice.

Table Rules

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