Lotrek, the Water Serpent

Lotrek, the Water Serpent

Lotrek is the immortal ruler of the icy crags of the Trolltooth mountains. Immensely uncaring for the qualms of mortals and extremely violent if provoked Lotrek was worshipped by the early tribes of man for his sheer power. As ages pasted and Alhan brought order to the tribes the primordial beings fell out of favor and Lotrek was eventually driven into the mountains by the 1st crusade. Now Lotrek waits for a time when the world becomes cold again and he can strike back into the realm of man.

Invoke Patron Check Results:

12-13 Glacier shard. Lotrek spews forth a massive shard of the eternal glacier he resides in at 1d3 of the caster’s enemies causing 1d8+CL damage. The caster can designate any target within 40’.

14-17 Waters of rejuvenation. The ancient waters of Lotrek’s very being can knit together even the most terrible of wounds, the caster heals 2d10 hit points and is granted an immunity to fire damage for the next 1d6 rounds.

18-19 Chains of Ice. Lotrek spins chains of ice that lash 1d6+1 of the casters enemies in place dealing 1d6+CL damage and paralyzing them for 1d4+CL rounds.

20-23 A ghoul serpent, the chosen creatures of Lotrek, is summoned and arrives in 1d4 rounds. It serves the caster loyally for 1d6+CL days or until it is killed.

24-27 Frost Nova. Lotrek grants the caster a fraction of his true power. With a wave of her hand the caster sends forth a frozen nova blasting all characters within 20’+10’per CL dealing 2d10+CL damage to all targets (Fort save for half-damage).

28-29 Avatar. Lotrek sends forth an immense water serpent to fight along side the caster for 1d4+1 rounds. Init +6, Atk slame +10 melee (2d6); AC 16; HD 12d8 (48); MV 40’ or swim 80’; Act 2d20; SP engulf and drown, vulnerable to fire and heat, elemental traits; SV Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +8; AL N.

30-31 Stasis. Lotrek seals one target in a block of glacial ice for all eternity. The target is granted a Fort save once per month in an attempt to break free. The caster may end the effect at any time.

32+ Blasted Lands. The caster brings forth his icy apocalypse in the area around the caster. The terrain within 1d30 miles becomes a frozen tundra killing most plant life and dealing 1d10+CL damage to all creatures in the blast. The caster is granted a +10 to all spell checks within the effected zone.

Patron Taint: Lotrek

When patron taint is indicated for Insert Patron Name roll 1d6 on
the table below. When a caster has acquired all six taints at
all levels of effect, there is no need to continue rolling any

Roll Result

1:The caster is implanted with a ghoul serpent that slowly grows within the caster. When the result is rolled a second time the casters skin begins to show signs of molting and the caster must take 1 hour each week to fully molt. When the result is rolled a third time the caster begins to fuse with the ghoul serpent and becomes vulnerable to fire and heat. When the result is rolled a third time the caster’s skin begins to actively peal from the casters body, the caster must bind its increasingly exposed skin every day for at least two hours. When the result is rolled for a third time the serpent bursts forth from the caster killing her instantly, having served her purpose to Lotrek.
2:Insert text
3:Insert text
4:Insert text
5:Insert text
6:Insert text

Patron Spells: Insert Parton Name
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Level 1: Insert text
Level 2: Insert text
Level 3: Insert text

Spellburn: Insert Patron Name
Don’t forget to add a line about your Patron’s demands and costs associated with spellburn. When a caster utilizes spellburn, roll 1d4 on the table below when a request is made. These ideas should hopefully give you room to expand in your own campaign.

Roll Result
1 Insert text
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3 Insert text
4 Insert text

Lotrek, the Water Serpent

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